Code Bank - Organization Charts

Job title, duties, and structures vary from government to government. Pay data and the other Annual Survey information that CLG posts in the datacenter can be of better use if HR Directors and City Managers are able to view the organization charts of various governments. Organization Charts aid the government by allowing comparisons based on structure and eliminate confusion on how jobs/job titles compare among jurisdictions. We hope that by providing these it provides further clarification of job duties/expectation between communities. If you need to uppdate your government's organization chart, or would like to have it listed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you!

policies collected 2019 (Updated on website 1/2019)

Click on the links below to view the charts collected from member jurisdictions. 


Anderson Township



Delhi Township Administration

Delhi Township Community Development

Delhi Township Fire 

Delhi Township Parks and Recreation

Delhi Township Police

Delhi Township Public Works

Fairfield Development Services

Fairfield Parks and Recreation

Fairfield Police

Fairfield Public Works

Fairfield Service Delivery 

Fairfield Wasterwater Treatment

Indian HIll





Pierce Township Police

Pierce Township Service Department

Pierce Township Fire

Sharonville Administration

Sharonville City

Sharonville Community Development

Sharonville Convention Center

Sharonville Fire

Sharonville Public Works

Sharonville Recreation

Sharonville Police


Washington Township

West Chester Township