Electricity Consortium

The Center partnered with Good Energy, an energy broker, to create a collaborative whereby participating governments can purchase energy for their facilities as a group to gain an economy of scale and to spur innovation.  Note that this is not a residential aggregation program.  The joint energy bid was opened in March of 2010, and governments saved a total of$590,000.  This represents an average savings of 40% on electricity costs.  The deal was renewed in 2012, which decreased energy costs by an additional 9%.  The Center looks to put together other similar deals in the future.  The participating governments include:

Amberley Village

Village of Carlisle

Village of Fairfax

Village of Glendale

Village of Lincoln Heights

Little Miami Joint Fire/Rescue District

Village of Lockland

Village of Newtown

City of North College Hill

Village of Silverton