Since August 1, 2009, Center for Local Government Benefits Pool (CLGBP) has operated as a self-insured pool for health insurance within the Jefferson Health Plan. HORAN is the benefits consultant representing CLGBP. The mission of the pool is to maximize benefits, minimize costs and improve health for the existing members with focus on continued growth of the pool.

There are many benefits to the self insured pooling arrangement, including:

   - Protections from the exposure associated with the occurrence of unpredictable, large claims by spreading the risk among member groups

   - Member organizations of the Jefferson Health Plan (of which CLGBP is a member) hold over $110,000,000 in reserves including 40,000 total covered lives.

  - For groups under 50 employees, it will eliminate the strict Modified Community Rating requirements

The pool also enables government to have autonomy:

   - Offers multiple plan designs including PPO and CDHP that include all ACA provisions and benefits

   - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered

   - Plan is self-funded but each organization is billed fully insured equivalent monthly rates for stability of costs

   - Aggregate monthly reporting

   - Wellness Program through Optum to incent employee and spouse to participate in activities and know their health numbers for healthy lifestyle and better claims outcomes

 The annual renewal for all members is August 1. However new members can join at any time. Each group is entitled to appoint one Director with board representation and voting power to help determine the general policy of the Benefits Pool.

More information can be found here.


Current Participating Members are:

Amberley Village

Anderson Township

City of Bellbrook

Village of Cleves

City of Deer Park

Village of Fairfax

Village of Glendale

Village of Indian Hill

City of Loveland

Village of Mariemont

City of Milford

City of Mt. Healthy

City of North College HIll

Village of Silverton

City of Springdale

City of Trotwood